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It took 30,000 Canadians to bring you this story.


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D-Day: A key chapter in Canada’s story.

iCardz, a division of Graphic Communications Group, delivers an innovative and effective telling of Canada's D-Day story with Lest We Forget: D-Day - Canada at War. This release is iCardz's inaugural edition of collector's cards, launched on June 6, 2008, and modeled after user-friendly sports and entertainment trading cards. The set commemorates Canadian veterans and our nation's role in this world-altering event.

Two years in the making, Lest We Forget: D-Day - Canada at War collector cards contain more than 100 beautifully hand-tinted photographs and graphics. These images highlight the people and events that contributed to the planning, organization and execution of Operation Overlord, all from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

This attractive and informative series of collector cards appeal to students, parents, educators, veterans and their families, history buffs, military collectors and the Canadian public in general.

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Royal Canadian Legion

Endorsed by the Royal Canadian Legion, this signature series includes stunning photographic depictions of: the leaders, the stories and events, equipment, the weapons, the regiments, medals, maps, puzzle cards and veterans' first-hand accounts of actual events. A comprehensive tie-in website contains interactive modules, audio and video files and the expanded story of each card. A percentage of each sale goes to the Royal Canadian Legion to further promote veterans programs. Click here to find a legion branch close to you and check with the branch for availability.

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Featuring: Special Instant Win Cards

As a special bonus feature, limited edition instant win cards will be randomly inserted, allowing purchasers to enter a card PIN number at the accompanying website for a chance to win authentic Second World War memorabilia.


Donald Thompson signed card


Everyone wants a souvenir of his or her hero. Hockey and baseball fans collect the autographs of their favourite players. Movie and music devotees pursue celebrities for signed photos. Readers line up for hours to have authors personalize their books. iCardz now introduces a significant addition to this list of sought after mementos.

iCardz’s Lest We Forget: D-Day collector’s series features special insert cards, actually autographed by Canadian D-Day veterans. Beyond scoring a winning goal, recording a hit song or writing a best seller, these veterans risked their lives for Canada and her Allies. In an era when the term “hero” is sometimes used indiscriminately, these veterans are truly deserving of the title.

Participating veterans have autographed 250 cards that have been inserted at random into D-Day – Canada at War Collector’s Card packages. Now, you can own a piece of Canadian history, signed by the people who helped create it.


The cards are produced in separate English and French versions and will be available initially in 8-card packages, 24 packages to a box. Complete sets (available with collector albums and sleeves) will be made available soon afterward.

Package suggested retail price: $3.95. Printed on premium, high gloss card stock with aqueous coating. 3.5” x 2.5” cards fit into commercially available vinyl collector card pages and albums.


Read first-hand accounts from the Veterans who were there.


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