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Thank you for your recent correspondence, which also included the Collector's Book - Lest We Forget - D-Day Series tribute cards.

I recently had the opportunity to review the book. This is truly an inspired project that should enjoy widespread cross-generational appeal. It brings history alive in a very interesting and unique format.

I continue to be impressed, on a regular basis, with the high calibre of our local entrepreneurs. In this particular venture, I particularly admire the fact that our Canadian veterans are being honoured not only through the product itself, but through receipt of a percentage of the sale of the product.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing me with a complimentary copy of the display binder. Best wishes for success.


Robert Ghiz
Premier of Prince Edward Island

"My father served in World War 2 but he was not there on "D-Day". Through my unit "The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa" I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of men who were there and survived the entire war."

"Thank you for your help in this and God bless you for your efforts to show those of us who were not there what our men went through. I think that sometimes their sacrifice is not remembered as it should be."

"Again Thank you."

~ Victor Charron
Ottawa, Ontario

"A lot of my family and my husband's family fought in WW1 & WW2. My husband was in the Navy. Our son is in the Army Reserves, Warrant Officer, Communication Squadron. I would love to get these cards for our son,Victor. He has done so well and has been a receiver of many awards.

"What you have done, has surpassed any and all that has been done before you. You, who have created these cards, are most definitely,God's Special Angels.

"God Bless you and all the special people in your life."

~ Marlene Burke

"Students today are driven by visual stimuli. These cards are a snap shot of history."

~ Thomas Mann
Social Studies / Geography Teacher
East Wiltshire School

"They're really great! They have the colour format of baseball cards and the information is short and sweet. If they (students) want to know more, they can just log into the website."

~ Jo Anne Jay
Queen Charlotte Int. School

"A departure from the normal approach to history. It is more relative to their (students) reality."

~ Jean Louis Arsenault
Social Studies Teacher
East Wiltshire School

"I think these are a brilliant idea/tool to educate the youth of today. Thanks."

~Jeff Pope

"I usually have at least 3 of them (students) in a class pouring over the cards when they have free time without even having the time to play the game, they're just reading them"

~ Amanda Ellis-Stewart
Substitute teacher, grades 1-9, PEI